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Celtfather Music & Travel

Welcome to The Celtfather Podcast... I'll take good care of ye!

Explore the world of Celtic Geeks, the people who love all things Celtic and science fiction. That's a thing?! You betcha. Don your kilt and experience inspiration, exciting travels to Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Cornwall, Italy, Brittany and more. Enjoy stories and lessons about Irish music and drinking songs in a way you never before imagined, with Star Wars, Star Trek, hobbits, Firefly, and even cats. Join me a couple times a month as we celebrate the Celtic Geek Revolution!

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May 30, 2017

I feel like I have a firm grasp on the theme of the newly rebranded Celtfather Music & Travel podcast. It will feature music and travel interviews, stories, tips and more. Easy. 

However, many of my subscribers first signed up to hear my latest news. This is an easy way to share that. So I'm gonna plan on a monthly news update that will work in conjunction with a video with similar content.

Here's what's going on in June 2017:

  • #1 Celtic Band on Reverbnation
  • Celtic Invasion of Brittany. Want to follow my adventures? Subscribe to YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and this Celtfather Music & Travel Podcast.
  • Facebook vs. YouTube. YouTube WINS! I have new music videos. Plus I started the Summer CD Giveaway.
  • Guest hosts planned for Irish & Celtic Music Podcast while I'm in France.
  • Get new podcast t-shirts.
  • Stay tuned for new Firefly shirts designed by Myriam Plante
  • Other merch coming: new pendants, Celtfather USB, and May the Kilt Be With You t-shirts
  • Update on Firefly album, As long as I'm Flyin. Still trying to get music back from musicians. But I have an awesome new song. Subscribe on Patreon to listen to an early cut.
  • Reboot of the Cat Lovers Podcast is coming soon! Subscribe to mailing list for details
  • Upcoming shows. Inconjunction. GenCon, DragonCon, ALEP, Kilted Kings at Indiana Ren Faire. LARF changes

Thank you for following my music and travels. 

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