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Welcome to The Celtfather Podcast... I'll take good care of ye!

Explore the world of Celtic Geeks, the people who love all things Celtic and science fiction. That's a thing?! You betcha. Don your kilt and experience inspiration, exciting travels to Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Cornwall, Italy, Brittany and more. Enjoy stories and lessons about Irish music and drinking songs in a way you never before imagined, with Star Wars, Star Trek, hobbits, Firefly, and even cats. Join me a couple times a month as we celebrate the Celtic Geek Revolution!

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Nov 29, 2016

I learned a valuable lesson last weekend when we built up a nice-sized audience of about 40 people and HALF of the audience walked out in the middle of a song. 

In this show, I share why Kilted Kings is a different and becoming one of my most-successful shows at a Renaissance festival.

What song caused so many people to leave the show? "

Why am I playing different songs at the Louisiana Renaissance Festival than most of my shows?

I answer these questions and more in today's podcast. It's a nice lesson in knowing your audience and how to market to them, including some of the problems with picking an audience.


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