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Celtfather Unkilted

The Celtfather... 

Meet Marc Gunn, The Celtfather. He's a Celtic Geek who plays Sci F'Irish music. That's like Irish drinking songs fused together with science fiction and fantasy. It's a thing! 

The Celtfather loves music. He loves to travel. He loves his Celtic heritage and science fiction. Don your kilt and get inspired by exciting travels to Ireland, Scotland, and other Celtic adventures. Enjoy stories about music inspired by Star Wars, Star Trek, hobbits, Firefly, and even cats.

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Jan 28, 2020

Greetings Gunn Runner

January was a rough month. I spent a lot of time with bronchitis. It was tough getting stuff done. I've even delayed my Kickstarter release because of this until February 10th. I'll tell you more about it below. But first...

Show #257


The Pub Songs Podcast will be back soon. I had big plans for it this month. I'm considering more live recordings in the show mixed with news... At least that's what I planned for the two episodes I thought I was gonna put out. Alas... it did not happen. My apologies

In the meantime, I have new Stories from the Road episodes already lined up. I had some good brainstorm ideas on the topic. So hopefully, I won't miss any more of those.

The Irish & Celtic Music Podcast is out. I was barely staying on top of it until this week. Now I have the whole month of February planned including a Celtic Women of St Patrick's Day episode at the end of the month. I also launched the Sainted Celts Collection to show off the podcast shirt design.

There's a new episode of In the ‘Verse. And if all goes well Mikey and I will record the next episode this Thursday. Knock on wood. Hopefully, we can get another done in a couple weeks.

1:50 - VIDEOS

Coffee with the Celtfather is back tomorrow. I might get a little hoarse. But I'm gonna try and pull through as usual at 10:30 AM Eastern on Facebook.

I'm starting to think of new video ideas. But nothing lined up yet. So stay tuned.

2:20 - MERCH

With any luck, you got an email from me this week about a Free CD offer. This is something I've tried to make happen for a while. I finally set it up on my Square store. Basically, I will send you a free copy of my CD Happy Songs of Death or Songs of Ireland from the Brobdingnagian Bards. All you have to do is pay for the shipping.

Well, I sent out a couple emails to fans, and the offers were super well-received. This was my first step. Next, I have to see I can advertise with this offer. My hope is to make fans with these free CDs. But I thought I'd first see if I could convince fans to take advantage of the same offer. And it worked!

The timeline for Selcouth has changed. The Kickstarter will launch on Monday, February 10th. It'll close on Friday, March 6, 2020.

My apologies for the delay. But getting sick has really put a damper on my ability to talk and make a video, record podcasts, and even record songs for the album. It just sucks. So I have to try and catch up now... Sigh...

Meanwhile the Brobdingnagian Bards album I Will Not Sing Along, is still planned February 2, 2020--GROUNDHOG DAY!

In fact, we have some SUPER FUN VIDEOS planned for the release. Yes. Groundhog Day videos. You will want to follow the Brobdingnagian Bards on Facebook and maybe also on my YouTube channel so you don't miss 'em!

4:45 - TRAVEL

I still have space for my Celtic Invasion of Venice. You can listen to the Celtic Invasion Vacations itinerary. To find out how amazing this trip will be. Email me if you have questions. The deadline to sign up is February 15.


FEB 1: Tucker Brewing Company @ 6:30 - 9:30
FEB 13: Internet Concert on YouTube @ 8:30 PM
FEB 15: The Lost Druid, Decatur, GA @ 7:30 PM

MAR 7: The Lost Druid, Decatur, GA @ 7:30 PM
MAR 12: Internet Concert on YouTube @ 8:30 PM
MAR 20-22: ConCoction, Cleveland, Ohio

Weds 10:30 AM EDT: Coffee with The Celtfather, Facebook (Season 5!)

5:22 - STATS

Mailing list subscribers = 1024 is down from 1030

YouTube Subscribers = 4388 is up from 4355
YouTube Watch Time = 19.0K is down from 32.1K min
YouTube Views = 8.8K is down from 12.2K

Facebook Likes = 3666 is up from 3653
FB Page Views = 392 is down from 447
FB Reach = 8839 is down from 10942
FB Video Views = 8466 is up from 6419

Spotify Latest Single Stats: "Slainte Mhaith Christmas": 3310 is up from 3238
Spotify Latest Single Stats: "The Last Jedi Drinking Song": 696 is up from 539
Spotify followers: 1445 is up from 1428
# Number of listens on Spotify: 2224 is down from 10184
Most-popular songs on Spotify: The Widow and the Devil (1.2K), Doctor of Gallifrey (463), Reavers, Malcolm Reavers (213), Don't Go Drinking With Hobbits (152)

Top Irish & Celtic Music: 431 is up from 426
Firefly Drinking Songs: 103 is up from 101

7:36 - PATREON

Patreon Subscribers: 151 is down from 152
Patreon Monthly Income: $977 is up from $946

Thanks as always for supporting my music. Remember. You can help me create and release more music. Join the Gunn Runners Club to step behind-the-scenes with bonus podcasts, new music, videos, and live concerts.